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This Communications Guide serves as a useful resource for communicating with Ventus. Please refer to the chart below as a quick reference tool. 

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How do I …?

Customer Action

Coverage verification

Email the completed Site Qualification Form to

Order new wireless equipment/service

Email the completed Wireless Order Form to

Order new fixed line equipment/service (Broadband, DIA, etc.)

Email the completed Fixed Line Order Form to

Order ancillary equipment (antennas, power supplies, etc.)

Send an email with the request to Please include complete shipping information: company name, address, contact name, and phone number.

Increase or decrease data plan

Email the completed Plan Change Form to

Make moves, changes, etc. to portfolio

Send an email with the request to If you require an OTA (Over the Air change to router hostname) in addition to changing the site where the router is deployed, please copy

Additional Information

How should I prepare for a Fixed Line install?

Review our Customer Expectations Guide for Fixed Line Installs and share it with anyone in your organization who might find it helpful.

What do your auto-generated emails mean?

Bandwidth usage

Indicates monthly usage to date. To increase data plan (and avoid overage charges), send email to


Identifies item(s) shipped and provides tracking information

IP addressing

Specifies assignments for new orders only

How can I receive these emails?

Bandwidth usage alerts

Call or email Client Care ( to receive these automated emails.

Auto generated shipment notification

Auto generated IP addressing notification

Technical assistance

Immediate technical assistance or research

Contact the Technical Support Center

Ventus Technical Support Center   



Remote Over-the-Air (OTA) changes to equipment

Contact the Technical Support Center with required changes (relocation, IP addresses, routing/termination point/processor, etc.)

What else should I know?

Visit to learn more about our products and services.

For billing inquiries send an email to

Additional Forms

Wireless Order Form
Fixed Line Order Form
Fixed Line w/Wireless BackUp Order Form
Fixed Line Phase 1 and 2 Installation - Customer Expectation
Firewall Port Request
MVPN Configuration Form
Physical Site Survey
Ventus DCI Form
Ventus Technical Support Center Escalation
Technology Upgrade

Important Ventus Addresses

Physical Address Check Payments Address: Bill-To Address
Ventus Headquarters
333 Wilson Ave,3rd Floor
Norwalk, CT, 06854
Digi International Inc.
Lockbox # 138008
P.O. Box 1380
Minneapolis, MN 55480-1380
Ventus Wireless LLC
9350 Excelsior Blvd
Suite 700
Hopkins, MN 55343