What is SD-WAN, and how does it provide network flexibility, efficiency, security & simplicity?

SD-WAN or Software-Defined Wide Area Network is a software approach to managing wide-area networks, offering an ease of deployment, centralized monitoring, and reduced costs. This solution improves connectivity to branch offices and the cloud using the software intelligence to create the best connections when needed by users.

An SD-WAN deployment can include existing routers and switches or virtualized customer premises equipment (vCPE) all running a version of software that handles policy, security, networking functions and other management tools, depending on vendor and customer configuration.

One of SD-WAN’s chief features is the ability to manage multiple connections from MPLS, broadband, cable, DSL, Ethernet, and LTE. It provides an additional layer of reliability ensuring internet connectivity. Some other benefits are:

  • Facilitates the rapid deployment of WAN services, such as bandwidth and firewall.
  • Optimizes networks to easily and quickly connect to cloud-based applications.
  • Seamlessly deploy SD‐WAN solutions without changing an existing MPLS network.

Managed Network-as-a-Service for SD-WAN

The next-generation WAN solution, Ventus Managed NaaS for SD-WAN, delivers a more efficient alternative to traditional WAN. SD-WAN optimizes traffic flow at the application level (video, guest Wi-Fi, POS, VoIP, security, etc.), distributing the traffic efficiently over multiple logical WAN segments. Each segment has a different topology and is securely isolated from the others. Ventus SD-WAN helps enterprises reduce costs, streamline resources, and get the most out of their network.

Eliminate the challenges of maintaining a multi-vendor, multi-platform network with Ventus. As a single source for networking needs the Ventus Managed NaaS for SD-WAN solution handling network support across all vendors while freeing your IT infrastructure team to focus on core competencies and strategic long-term goals while we manage your network infrastructure, connections, and equipment.

Gartner says its clients look to fund their WAN expansion/update by replacing or augmenting expensive MPLS connections with internet-based VPNs, often from alternate providers. Ventus Managed NaaS for SD-WAN supports  enterprises in identifying across a geographically diverse set of network service providers that complexity of multiple network types, while providing the networking expertise to manage the SD-WAN solution delivering the desired network expansion and uptime businesses expect. 

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SD-WAN has revolutionized the information technology space by moving data more efficiently, while allowing for the opportunity to access multiple service providers at a single location as well as across a regional or national footprint. Combining a SD-WAN solution with a Managed Service Provider brings high-level networking experience and technology together to meet your networking needs.  

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4 Reasons Why Managed SD-WAN is a Smarter Network Strategy

  • Flexibility – Why a single network service simply cannot match this flexibility
  • Staffing Efficiency – How networking expertise can free your IT resources.
Stronger Security – Get an extra layer of protection.
Simplicity – Implement the most efficient network.

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